Seismic exploration work in the coal field has been playing an important role in the economic development. exploration result is directly related to the coal geological exploration results of the investigation and study, the development of coal resources and many other factors. So, in order to improve the exploration speed and economic benefits and ensure the accuracy of the exploration, choosing the suitable exploration instrument and methods become crucial. In Dec, 2011, there is one coalfield seismic exploration in Tao Jia Shan Lingshi, Shanxi Province, China.For looking for high quality and excellent price-performance ratio seismograph, the customer choose France seismograph and our high-precision(32-bit ∑-△ADC) distributed land seismograph (Model: GS101) to make the comparison testing.

Testing Way:

Customer preparing the France seismograph and our high-precision(32-bit ∑-△ADC) distributed land seismograph(Model: GS101), then customer respectively places the geophone in the same point, make the synchronous shooting and make the synchronous acquisition.

Testing Parameters: 

Sampling Rate 1ms
Acquisition Time Length 1s
Channel Space 10m
Channels 48
Geophone Two series, two parallel
Geophone Type Natural frequency 10Hz,moving-coil geophone
Weather Sunny
Temperature -4 ~ 4 ° C
Testing Method Induced well shooting
Well Depth 3m
Explosive Weight 1.5 ~ 2 kg

After the testing, the customer makes get the comparison result. The result is exciting and good. Our seismograph equipment gives customer very good performance and deep impression. Now please check the comparison information.

Result 1: The primary single shooting record comparison with same point induction and same area acquisition in ditch bedrock

The left is France seismograph                           The right is our distributed seismograph

Result 2: Section comparison of acquisition data imaging processing

The above is France seismograph(UP),The below is our distributed seismograph(DOWN)