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In support of offshore projects, GSS provides navigation and millimeter-accuracy positioning solutions on sea surface using satellite technology and below the surface using specialized underwater positioning systems for Offshore drilling rigs, construction barges, pipe-lay operations, jacket installation, submarine cable laying, drill rigs, dredging, seismic (2D seismic and VSP source) and survey vessels.
GSS positioning service is based on leading-edge Globally Corrected GPS technology that is stable, accurate and repeatable with real-time integrity monitoring capability.
Accurate real-time positioning is equally critical for various onshore based activities in construction and geosciences research.

Summary of Drilling & Construction Services:      

  • Rig Positioning
  • Barge positioning and anchor management                           
  • Rig approach sea bed survey
  • Template and jacket installation survey
  • Remote tug positioning
  • Pipeline and cable route survey
  • Pipeline and Cable As-built Survey
  • Site specific hazards survey (Shallow Gas High Resolution Survey)

For land-based construction projects, GSS provides specialist construction survey personnel and tools to support clients in accurate point setting out, deformation monitoring among other related services.