In the field of water conservancy and hydropower, customers often encounter some geological environmental problems. Many design institute and the customers are in urgent need to find high-quality instruments and methods to satisfy their needs of construction and ensure project successfully completed. For looking for high quality and excellent price-performance ratio seismograph, in Aug, 2014, electric power design institute Guangdong Province China choose USA seismograph and our high-precision(32-bit ∑-△ADC) distributed land seismograph (Model: GS101) to make the comparison testing.

Testing Way:

The customer uses the hammer source. They make the synchronous shooting and make the synchronous acquisition. The vertical stacking times are 3–8 times.

Testing Parameters: 

Sampling Rate 0.25ms
Acquisition Time Length 500ms
Channel Space 1m
Channels 48
Preamp Gain (dB) 0
Geophone Type Natural frequency 100Hz, moving coil P wave geophone
Weather Sunny
Temperature 30~ 33° C

Result 1: Data processing result 1

The left picture is the processing result of our high-precision (32-bit ∑-△ADC) distributed land seismograph (Model:GS101). It is the primary acquisition, without a filter, without high cut and low cut, without single shooting stacking record. It has the low noise and excellent signal-to-noise ratio.

The right picture is the processing result of USA seismograph. It is the primary acquisition with a filter. And it has 3 times single shooting stacking record. It has the high noise and bad signal-to-noise ratio.

Result 2: Data processing result 2

From the above two processing result, on the left you can find our distributed land seismograph (Model: GS101) testing result–two reflection wave groups are continuous, clear and rich. On the right you can find USA seismograph testing result–two reflection wave groups are not continuous, not clear and not rich. The customer finally chooses our seismograph. We believe testing result will speak louder than words.